Don’t worry, I’m here now

Hello Sailors,

Welcome to the first post, not counting that default post that goes on your blog when you create it saying “This is your blog! Howdy!” and such. I didn’t even write that one or ask it to be there. That post is like the Tom on Myspace of the WordPress world.

I haven’t quite decided what I’m going to do with this blog but hopefully put some cool stuff on it. Some movie reviews, essays, funny stories, my favorite colors, the current time, and the typical bitchings of a college student. I suppose I should tell you about myself as I assume if you’re reading this, you must want to know all about me.

My name is Andrew Salerno. I live in Pennsylvania. ‘Penn’ not for William Penn, but for his father actually. William Penn “acquired” the land from the Indians back in the day. I don’t remember the story in it’s entirety (in fact, it’s probably not true, don’t cite me on your history term paper) but there was deal struck between Penn and the Indians: the chiefs would allow Penn to have however much land a person could walk in one day. So, Penn hired a dude to walk along the coast of Pennsylvania on the Delaware River. Penn and the Indian Chief set the dude off walking… but as soon as he was out of sight, boom, he zipped off. He ran and ran and ran. Until he came to a second dude and passed the theoretical baton off to him. Then that guy booked it and booked it and booked it. Until he came to the third guy, who was just chilling. Then he sprinted to the theme song from Rocky until he reached the top of present day Pennsylvania, and that’s how it (maybe) happened. I don’t know how they decided the width of the state. This story is probably not true. But it is kind of cool. ‘Sylvania’ means ‘forestland’. So, it’s Penn’s Woods.

I go to Temple University in Philadelphia where I am studying filmmaking. Yes. I hope to make movies. Someday. I’ve made a few shorts, you can watch one of them here
There are other short videos on that site made by Mike Gray and they’re all really good, I urge you to check them out in addition.

I promise future posts will be better and have a point. Thanks for reading.


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