SEA OF VOICES – PORTER ROBINSON (Director: Zach Madden, music video, 2014)

Porter Robinson’s ethereal music sets the stage for this story of a young scientist building a mysterious machine that transports him to another dimension.

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MARTIN (Director: Justin Lee, short film, 2014)

Quirky sci-fi story about an old factory worker whose best friend is replaced by a robot.

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LOCKDOWN (Director: Anna Delman, short film, 2014)

Drama surrounding a student’s confrontation with two school shooters.

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LURK (Director: Vincent Valentin, project pitch, 2014)

Based on the Joss Whedon comic series Lurk about a demon huntress in the distant future.

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HAM & CHEESE (Director: Morten Forland, short film, 2013)

Crime/comedy in the style of modern British gangster flicks like Layer Cake and Snatch

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