Jugular – 2008

Directed by Mike Gray

Written, Shot and Edited by Andrew Salerno

Director of Sound: John M. Stecker

Audio Mixer: Bob Stecker

Boom Operator: Chad R. Connelly

Shot at Tyler State Park in Newtown, PA

I wrote Jugular as an assignment for a screenwriting class while I was at CSF. We had to come up with a three page script for the cinematography class to use as a basis for a project. I wanted to write something visual and immediate that would give a cinematographer a basis to use visuals to tell the story as opposed to strictly dialogue and exposition. I had imagined it to be shot alongside one of the mountains that surround Santa Fe; angular terrain with bare trees and sun scorched ground.

Through meetup.com I found a group of local filmmakers in Philadelphia that met every month to swap ideas, business cards and stories. It was there that I met Mike Gray whom I asked to direct this because of his focused and organized approach to casting and directing actors. This also allowed me to concentrate on the camera work which the project had been written for in the first place.

Jugular was shot in one day in different locales throughout the park. John, Bob and Chad had and still have a great sound system that allows them to set up and break down quickly, making us very mobile.

This was also the first project I worked on with Jon Gillis and Mike Halpren. Jon wrote and acted in Dangers of Honesty, Pay Date, Last Dying Wish and Hear Away, all of which I acted as cinematographer on. Mike played the lead role in Loose Ends which is in post-production now. Both Jon and Mike are committed actors who I hope to work with again and again in the future.


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