Late Night Fright

Late Night Fright – 2009

Cast: Spencer Marte, Frank

Written and Directed by Dan Wisniewski

Shot by Andrew Salerno

Frank Wrangler: Paul Pride

Conceived and shot in one night at Spencer’s dad’s office, Late Night Fright came entirely from a desire to make something out of an otherwise boring night and have something to show for it. Dan and I plundered our basements and attics for any interesting props. Frank was an old Christmas lawn decoration I rescued from the trash a few years ago, knowing that he would someday become useful. He’d been in my basement until we unearthed him for his debut performance.

We loaded the car and headed over to meet Spencer at the office. A briefcase, a clown doll and Frank was what we had to work with and so we started brainstorming. Dan more or less quickly came up with the plot and storyboards for the film and so we just started shooting, taking things one at a time, making up stuff on the spot (including the shot where Frank appears and disappears as Spencer washes his hands) until we had come full circle and ended up with enough footage to make something out of. Dan and I edited it the next night and posted it on youtube.

And thus, Bored One Night Productions was born.


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