The Man in the Window

The Man in the Window – 2008

Cast: Eric Everwine, Nick Boyer

Directed by: Nick Boyer & Andrew Salerno

Written by: Andrew Salerno

Edited and Music by: Nick Boyer

Produced at Temple University

Made as a final project for a 16mm film course. I wanted to make something in a film-noir style and really take advantage of the look and feel of film. I don’t know if we accomplished that but I think this project turned out pretty great. With no dialogue, Everwine communicates a great deal through facial expressions and body language and Nick manages to do just the same from behind a mask (my favorite is his gesture of closing the book at the table). Shot on a Bolex in my apartment on Race Street in Philadelphia.

Nick was my partner in the film course and he graciously took on the role of the man in the mask and allowed me to operate the camera. Poor Nick could hardly breathe in that mask but it does look fantastic. Thanks to him and Everwine, who put up with our film malarkey for a whole day. Also thanks to my roommate, who was not home when we made this (I’m glad we didn’t break his table).


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